Freight forwarder customs agent for your shipments

Customs agent – Freight forwarder

Freight forwarder customs agent
The Excess International Group, which specialises in the transport of your goods throughout the world,
is made up of a team of professionals who organise your shipments and imports from A to Z.

Benefit from our experience as an international freight forwarder and certified customs broker.
Our teams of experts guide you, advise you and make up your customs procedures and formalities
for the transit of your goods and cargoes.

Customs agent : our status as an authorized and approved economic operator (AEO Full)
is a true quality label confirming our real partnership with the customs services.

For your Import/Export/Transit customs formalities, the Excess International Group manages all procedures in all its branches, regardless of the type of cargo concerned Air/Mer/Multimodal. Our know-how extends to all stages of your shipments/imports.
We act, for you and your cargo, with the administrations on arrival or at destination to allow and ensure your delivery. We are your professional partner for the respect and compliance of your administrative and customs procedures for your exports and imports of goods.

Customs formalities

The customs clearance is conducted according to the laws of the country.
Customs has the mandate to control the access of your international goods to the national territory and to ensure the regularity of international transactions.
To benefit from the facilities offered by customs agreements concluded between the European Union and other countries, your international transport of goods must comply with customs regulations.

Douanes import/export

Trade in goods between countries is subject to customs declaration.
A distinction can be made between imports and exports to countries outside the European Union and intra-Community trade.
The customs treatment of a good (i. e. whether and which goods are subject to duties) depends on 3 elements to be declared: the tariff type, origin and value for duty.

Overseas customs

The Excess International Group is also a worldwide network of agents strategically located in the main international airports and ports.
This worldwide presence of expert agents guarantees the continuity of your supply chain by ensuring for you, at the local customs, the management of your import and transit formalities for your goods at destination while respecting your shipping incoterms.

Customs agent for your international shipment

Thanks to our strategic support and the professional quality of our services, turn your worldwide transport operations into commercial and professional success!

Freight forwarder Customs agent AEO

  • Export and import declarations
  • Customs export
  • ATA Notebooks
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Visa and certificate of origin
  • Customs interventions
  • Customs Representation
  • Import temporary export
  • Calculation of import duties and taxes
  • Customs Transit
  • Final delivery to the consignee

Advice, management, monitoring and assistance

  • Multimodal freight management
  • International Regulatory Watch
  • Monitoring and enforcement of regulations
  • Transport document management
  • DEB/DES management
  • Document Management Community Transit
  • Management of insurance documents
  • Administrative management, certificates, visas, licences…
  • Customs management, duties, taxes, VAT
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