Russia freight forwarding and import/export project from or to Russia: discover the advantages of the Excess International Group!

  • Dedicated professional advisor 24/7
  • Freight Air / Sea / Multimodal
  • All goods, All sizes
  • Express freights services
  • Industrial project logistics
  • Grouped Shipments
  • Competitive rates


Transport operations and achievements Russia

Our Russia transport and logistics experts will accompany you in your Russia transport realization. Take benefits from a dedicated contact person who has a perfect knowledge of the Russian markets, a real competitive advantage that will allow you to obtain the best rates.

Thanks to the support of our network and the privileged agreements we have reached with the main Russian airlines, including AirBridge Cargo Airlines, you will benefit from tailor-made professional services at preferential rates for your import/export Russian freight transport.


Our international presence is a major asset for the success of your Russia freight transport.

Since the early days of the Excess International Group, our customers have expressed a strong demand for efficient freight services to and from Russia.

In order to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers and manufacturers, we have built a network that allows us to offer a structured and reliable air and sea transport service to Russian territories. For several years now, in the face of growing demand, our network has grown and we are strengthening our various partnerships to build up strong import/export transport services in Russia.


Transport Russia Air Cargo:
air freight / sea freight / project logistics

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Air/Sea mixed Cargo
  • Multiservices / Multiproducts
  • Grouped and multimodal freight transport
  • Cross-trade transport (management and follow-up)
  • Express Shipments
  • Door-to-door service
  • Industrial project logistics
  • Clearance of customs clearance
  • Safety / Security
  • All types of shipments (volume / weight)
  • Expert in aeronautical equipment transport
  • Specialist in event-driven transports
  • Automotive transport
  • Carriage of sensitive goods
  • Perishable Freight Transport
  • Transport specialist Luxury / Fashion / Hightech
  • Automotive / Vehicle / Boat Transportation
  • Transportation – Pharmaceutical industry
  • Temperature-controlled transport
  • Oversized / hyper heavy transports


We offer a complete range of logistics services for international air and sea freight forwarding.

Your shipments / imports Russia are managed by our team dedicated to the Russian continent, all experts in international freight transport.
Between the perfect understanding of your specifications, compliance with regulations, mastery of timings, documentary and administrative compliance, customs management… your goods travel safely and efficiently, in the hands of experts!

Logistics, transport and supply chain excellence at your service

Choose today for the success of your import/export transport operations in Russia!

A perfect knowledge of Russia

International freight forwarder specialized for more than 20 years in transport on the complex and varied market of Russia, we simplify your shipments and imports from the Russian territories.

Our perfect linguistic knowledge enables us to communicate with our Russian counterparts in order to meet your delivery requirements.
The excellence of our communications and commercial relations with our partner companies guarantee operational logistics for your transport operations and achievements in Russia.

Excess International Group is customs forwarding agent for Russia

By entrusting your goods to our Russia transport service, you benefit from a high level of expertise to implement the best customs strategy for your company.

You benefit from a significant simplification of the different customs procedures to allow you to undertake your shipments to and from Russia with a minimum of administrative constraints. In order to save time, our international transport experts from Russia carry out all customs formalities for you and check the composition of your documents accompanying your goods.

Our customs experts take care of the administrative and customs formalities for your shipments and import/export transport. Our import and export customs clearance solutions are offered by your dedicated agent with whom you have a personalised support for your transport project in Russia, accessible and available 24/7.

Professional support from beginning to end

Transport logistics is a key factor in the success of your business with Russia.

It is for this reason that the Excess International Group offers its services as a freight forwarder and customs agent. Our expertise based on knowledge of air and sea freight from or to Russia allows you to successfully obtain professional quality services for your containerized transport, handling and shipping of various types and sizes of cargo.

Our long-established commercial and technical contacts with the main Russian ports and airports facilitate the successful start of the transshipment of your goods in Russia.

For your company, our transport experts in Russia study, organise and manage all the transport processes in accordance with international aviation and maritime standards, including a complete set of administrative formalisation and customs clearance.

Your dedicated import/export advisers of Russian merchandise bring a high consideration to your needs and technical imperatives so that your goods travel safely and arrive at their destination under the control of our teams.

By contacting our company for your shipments/imports to Russia, you obtain a high level of services, a pricing optimized according to your needs, a personalized accompaniment for your transport operations, more flexibility for your supplychain.


Companies: prepare your trip to Russia by consulting the Russian Embassy website >> here

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