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Japan freight forwarding and import/export project of your goods from or to Japan: discover the advantages of the Excess International Group!

  • Dedicated advisor 24/7
  • Transport AIR / MER / MULTIMODAL
  • All goods / All sizes
  • Express freights services
  • Freight forwarder Customs agent
  • Regular air and sea groupings
  • Competitive rates


Transport Japan import export: operations and realization of transports to or from JAPAN

Our international JAPAN transport and logistics experts support you in your import/export shipments and international transport logistics from and to Japan.

You benefit from a dedicated contact person who has a real knowledge and mastery of Japanese transport markets. This perfect knowledge of Japanese customs and practices is the result of a rigorous work established with major Japanese companies for several years, enriched by 17 years in a major Japanese logistics and international transport company.

This real competitive advantage will allow you to obtain the best trade relations for your Japan transport operations. Thanks to the support of our expert network and the privileged agreements we have reached with airlines and shipping companies, you will also benefit from professional transport services at optimized rates for your imports and exports of goods from and to Japan.

Freight forwarder for your Japanese shipments

The success of your Japan import/export freight transport project.

Since January 2017, the Excess International Group has positioned Japan among its poles of excellence. To achieve this, Excess relies on a dynamic Japanese partnership. The relevance and effectiveness of this privileged partnership make our group one of the rare specialists in international transport services focused on Japan – France and vice versa.

Collaborating and trusting the Excess International Group for your Japan transport operation means getting the guarantee of a transport that respects your commercial commitments. It is also the certainty to find a rigorous, courteous and reliable contact. These qualities have always been the jewel of Japanese culture.

Our transport offer in Japan is also built with our tailor-made offers and logistic support. We transport all types of goods, and thanks to the strategic alliances of our global network, we can organize and manage your shipments by air, sea and land (including triangulations) in the best way possible.


The Excess International Group is your forwarding agent for your Japan transport operation, freight forwarder & customs agent to import/export goods from Japan to France and vice versa.

Transport JAPAN:
sea freight / air freight / project logistics

  • Air Transportation
  • Maritime transport
  • Air/sea mixed transport
  • Regular groupings
  • Multiservices / All goods
  • Express Shipments
  • Door-to-door service
  • Industrial project logistics
  • Customs broker
  • Authorized agent EOA Full
  • Luxury/Mode/High Tech Specialist
  • Specialist in event-driven transports
  • Optimized services
  • Dedicated advisor 24/7
  • Personalized support and follow-up

Logistics, transport and supply chain excellence at your service

Choose today for the success of your import/export transport operations in Japan!

The Excess International Group is a customs forwarding agent for Japan

By entrusting your goods to our Japan freight forwarding services, you benefit from a high level of expertise to implement the best customs strategy for your company.

Our customs experts take care of the administrative and customs formalities for your shipments and import/export transport in Japan. Our import and export customs clearance solutions are offered by your dedicated agent with whom you have a personalised support for your Japan transport project 24 hours a day.

A perfect knowledge of Japanese business relations

For your Japan freight operations, rely on the excellence of our professional relations and our expertise recognized by the Japanese authorities and major transport companies. On a daily basis, this makes it easy to take over your goods quickly and operationally, whether they are destined for Japan or from the land of the rising sun.

In order to save time, our international transport experts in Japan offer you the accompaniment and fulfillment of your customs formalities as well as the control of your identification documents for your goods. You thus benefit from a significant simplification of the different customs procedures to allow you to undertake your international shipments in an optimized and secure way, a very precious business peace of mind.

Professional support from start to finish

For your goods Japan export or goods import Japan the necessary documentation required by customs authorities varies according to the nature of your goods.

Nevertheless, some documents are mandatory whatever your shipment of goods: the bill of lading, invoice, packing, customs declaration, insurance, sales contract.

Attention: some categories of products require special and strict controls. This is particularly the case for agri-food products and risky products (sensitive, dangerous, chemical…).


at your disposal 3 freight zones on the french hexagon… according to your goods and the chosen transport solution




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